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1st Place of 2021: Recovering from Spiritual Dryness

January 10th, 2022

BONUS EPISODE: Welcome to the Best of Keep the Heart from 2021. This podcast was launched on January 21, 2021 in the studio of Faith Music Radio, where I went through a week of intensive training with veteran radio hosts Dan and Janice Wolfe. They are a gifted dynamic duo, running a media consulting business and ministry at the same time. Both Dan and Janice have their own shows on Faith Music Radio, and Dan is also the Vice President and General Manager of the radio station while Janice has a thriving podcast here. Once I arrived in Evansville for "podcast boot camp," I was told that I wasn’t going home until I had an episode on the air! A huge shout out of THANKS to Dan and Janice Wolfe and Faith Music Radio!

Today you’ll hear the first most-downloaded episode of 2021: “Recovering from Spiritual Dryness.”

I can’t help but wonder if this episode resonated with so many because of the pandemic. After all, we were shut out of church for a season, and then we realized that there were some things that were very robotic about our attempts to worship the Lord. Revival is often born during times of trial. “Recovering from Spiritual Dryness” shared three indicators that we may be spiritually thirsty, along with suggestions for recovering from this temporary condition. Here’s your first-place episode from 2021!

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