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Life has issues, and the Bible has the answers. Francie Taylor teaches the relevance of Scripture to daily life through these brief Bible application studies.

Are You a Drama Mama?

May 3rd, 2021

Have you ever lost your composure, your temper, or any other form of emotional control over failed plans? Or have you ever gone home crying from an event that was supposed to be happy, because something didn't go the way you had expected? Do you turn simple situations into big hairy stressful ones? You may be a Drama Mama.

Drama is mainly a distraction designed to keep our focus on trivial matters. These distractions can keep us from becoming all that God wants us to be. When we’re engaged in drama, we’re not gracious or godly women. Drama turns us into bad actors.

This episode exposes some characteristics of the Drama Mama, but not for the sake of analyzing others. The goal of this lesson is to look for anything in our own hearts and lives that needs changing. We don't have to live from one drama to the next. By allowing God to “transform us,” we become more like Christ and His Holy Spirit inspires us to imitate Him.

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