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Be the First to Apologize

August 16th, 2021

You’ve done or said something wrong and now your friend is upset with you. It was totally an accident, but the outcome was the same as if you’d had done it on purpose. You felt really bad about it at first, until you started analyzing the situation. Was it really all your fault, or was this person just being thin-skinned?

Come to think of it, hasn’t she or he said a thing or two in the past that didn’t sit right with you, but you let it go? Where is the grace for you that you gave them when they were in the wrong? The more you replay these unhelpful thoughts, the less inclined you'll be to apologize. Developing a bad attitude won’t fix the situation. It will just delay the repairs.

Apologizing when we’ve done or said something offensive requires spiritual maturity and humility. This episode will focus on what we can do to make things right when we’ve been the offender. 

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