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Dealing with a Difficult Diagnosis

April 26th, 2021

"Honey, are you sitting down?" When my husband said those words by phone, I wasn't expecting good news to follow.

Receiving a difficult diagnosis happens every day, but it doesn’t strike us to the core until it’s happening to us. There is no perfect way to respond to a frightening diagnosis, but this segment shares information that may be helpful to you. Just remember this: Everyone’s situation is different, so you're about to listen to a very short list of things to consider, not hard and fast guidelines and certainly not medical advice. 

Dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis means that your life will look different now. For those on the caregiving side, you will need support and assistance, so let people help you. For those who are patients with changed lives, rest in the reality that you are ultimately God’s and He is yours. God will walk with you and comfort you in your affliction.

If you are wondering what happens to a soul when it leaves the body, the link below provides answers about eternity in an abbreviated message, courtesy of First Baptist Church in Rosemount, Minnesota:

Answers to Questions About Eternity

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