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Don’t Follow Your Heart

May 10th, 2021

Without realizing it, we are often following our hearts instead of following God. We have a tendency to number sin on a scale of one to ten rather than being honest about the fact that we’re doing our own thing while pretending to be godly.

“Follow your heart” has become the repetitive motto that sounds so noble, but it is misguided. What does this saying really mean? It’s not telling us to pay attention to the beating muscle in our chest. It’s a “go with the gut” mentality that allows our minds to guide us apart from the mind of Christ. “Follow your heart” actually sounds like a training camp slogan for a painful life.

God never intended for our hearts to be our guides. He is our guide, but when we ignore God’s leading and go with our heart’s desires, we end up in situations that cause anxiety and even despair. This episode shares a list of four reasons why we should not follow our hearts.

ICU--In Christ Unconditionally: Heart Conditions Bible Application Study

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