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Getting Through Culture Shock

September 20th, 2021

"I don't like what's happening in my life right now."

Culture shock sounds like that.

Maybe you’re a newlywed and you’ve moved to a new town with your husband and you don’t even know your way to Target. We know how much we love our Target runs!

Or could it be that you’re a former Pastor’s wife and suddenly, your husband is no longer the pastor? That creates an identity crisis on several levels.

Or maybe you’re a missionary on the field, and you wonder sometimes if people really care enough to pray for you as you go through struggles that you wouldn’t write about in the missionary prayer letter.

Or perhaps you’re like me, a widow who doesn’t know how to NOT be a wife. You’ve been married for longer than you’ve done anything else in life, and now you’re in a “Who am I?” stage of life.

Or maybe your situation is something else, but you’re still feeling like things just don’t fit right.

We don't have to move to a foreign country to experience culture shock. Whether you're feeling cut off from things that were familiar, or you're just going through too many changes, the uncertainty and uneasiness is real. 

What can we do when we’re in a new or trying situation and we're wrestling to adjust? This episode provides four tips designed to inspire you to walk through this season with hope and encouragement.

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