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Handling Disagreements with Care

October 25th, 2021

It is possible to handle disagreements lovingly, but we'll have to remember that we love the people with whom we have the disagreement! It's too easy to fall into the  "us against them" trap, leading to contentious disagreements that damage relationships.

Anytime there are gatherings, there will also be multiple opportunities for disagreements. The old saying that you don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table needs a new category added: vaccinations. When I was a child and I would hear my Dad and Mom having a disagreement, if Mom kept adding to the list of transgressions Dad would say seven words: “You just want something to fuss about.” There are people today who qualify for that charge. They not only want something to fuss about; but they also expect you to agree with them or else you are most surely WRONG!

When someone throws a baited hook at you in the form of a prickly statement, do you take the bait and jump into an argument, or do you use discretion and carefully consider your words before speaking? We may think that we must say something, but sometimes taking the bait leads to nothing but a war of words.

This is way too big a topic to cover in a brief podcast, so we'll condense this down to four things that we can do to handle disagreements with tender loving care. Disagreements with are unavoidable. Arguments are avoidable.

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