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Holding a Grudge Hurts the Holder

May 24th, 2021

You’ve probably known of people who used to be friends, but something went wrong and instead of repairing the problem, they turned against each other. Both friends felt like the other person caused the issue, so they were both waiting for the other to apologize. It was a very long wait. They went to the same church, had an overlapping friend group, and things were awkward for anyone who knew them.

Are you the friend with the broken relationship?

Are you holding a grudge against someone right now? When you hear those words, does a face pop up onto the movie screen of your mind? Something has gone wrong, and instead of resolving the conflict, one or both of you have chosen to cling to the hurt and now it’s hurting you. Holding a grudge always hurts the holder more than anyone else.

In the book, Ponder the Path—A 31 Day Devotional (link below), Day 22 addresses the connection between anger and bitterness. First there is a transgression, then anger, and if the conflict remains unresolved, the anger waters the seeds of bitterness. Soon, the person is a carrier of an angry and bitter virus that spawns a grudge. This episode addresses three reasons why holding a grudge is harmful to us and to others.

Ponder the Path 31-Day Devotional

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