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Marks of a Prudent Person

October 11th, 2021

When you read a post on social media and it makes an unverified claim, do you automatically assume that it’s true?

Do you make hasty decisions based on your emotions rather than taking the time to pray?

Have you ever had a caution in your soul about whether or not to do something, but you ignored it and ended up getting hurt by your own choice?

What do these questions have in common? All of them are related to a lack of prudence. A lack of prudence can turn life into one mess after another.

Included in the definitions of “prudent” you’ll find this gem of a statement: “Cautious not to act when the end is of doubtful utility.” In other words, a prudent person isn’t going to do something without considering the possible outcome of the actions. Prudence really enriches a person’s life. The wisdom of being a prudent person leads to less worry, a lot less drama, and less clean-up of self-made messes.

This episode walks through four verses about the prudent person. We’ll see some identifying marks that can help us to make some life improvements.

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