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Minimizing Strife at Family Gatherings

December 20th, 2021

Are you having a family gathering for Christmas? Maybe you’ve already been contacted by some who have opted not to come, or who have requested that everyone be vaccinated before gathering. Or maybe you have family members who won’t visit unless everyone tests negative for COVID. No matter what you think or where you stand on the pandemic and all the connected issues, one thing is still true: we don’t have to argue about this or anything else at the dinner table.

Mocking people for their stand in the pandemic is unwise and does nothing attract people to Christ. Many people are genuinely afraid of catching the virus or any severe illness. Ridiculing someone for their fear is not going to decrease the fear, but it may increase the misconception that Christians are uncaring. Let’s face it: More people are afraid of dying than ever before, and without Christ, this fear is reasonable. Do we care more about debating the merits of a vaccine than sharing the Gospel?

When we become combative and argumentative as Christians, we’re looking less and less like Jesus. One of the greatest risks we face is not just a loss of personal freedoms; it’s a decrease of love for the lost.

You and I can’t do much about the storyline being pushed by national news, but we do have control over what happens within our own homes. How can we have gatherings with loved ones who have strongly held opinions that differ from ours? Is it possible? Yes, it is.

For this year-end episode, I’ll share three guidelines that I abide by in our home, with a goal of providing ideas, not mandates. These are unwritten but helpful policies that I quietly employ. This is our final episode of Season One. Thank you for your support of this young podcast!

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