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Life has issues, and the Bible has the answers. Francie Taylor teaches the relevance of Scripture to daily life through these brief Bible application studies.

Overcoming Image Issues

April 19th, 2021

"You should get your eyebrows done." When someone said that to me after a conference, it made me wonder if that was her only takeaway from a weekend of Bible application lessons...and it also sent me in search of a mirror. If someone makes a questionable comment about your physical appearance, do keep replaying the comment in your mind? Image issues can cause us to get stuck like that.

Who told women that they need "perfect eyebrows"? Clever marketing companies continue to create imaginary shortcomings, and then of course they’ll sell us the solutions. "Cover that gray hair. We'll sell you the dye every six weeks. Here's the face cream for those no-no-gotta-go wrinkles. Get a flat stomach with buns of steel by using our exercise program, and we’ll throw in a digital home scale that syncs to your cellphone and keeps you obsessed with your weight." 

God has much more purpose for us than just competing to look the best until death. Image issues are common, but we're not stuck with them. This episode offers practical tips for finding freedom from image issues. 

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