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Recovering from Spiritual Dryness

September 6th, 2021

Are you one of many people who didn’t mind when church was limited to live stream for a season? Maybe you would only admit this to close friends or family, but you had company. After decades of going to church in person, suddenly we were sitting in our pajamas with pancakes, bacon, coffee and our Bibles. Okay maybe some of you only had coffee but still, this wasn't how we normally went to church.

Something happened during that time of dramatic change. It advanced the ideal environment for spiritual dryness. Not everyone had this experience, but if you found yourself embracing the live stream over the in-person service so much that you didn’t want to return, there may have been more going on than just side effects of the pandemic. And it’s not just about church, either.

Seasons of spiritual dryness can happen to anyone. The pandemic is not the only thing that was going on in people’s lives when it arrived, and it will never be the only thing we’re facing on any given day. There are many things in life that can leave us feeling physically spent and spiritually drained, but God can help us to recover. We'll consider three indicators that we may be running dry, and then we’ll explore suggestions for recovering from this temporary condition. Spiritual dryness happens, but it doesn’t have to become permanent.

ICU--In Christ Unconditionally: Heart Conditions Bible Application Study

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