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Teachback Tuesday-Backsliding Looks Like This

August 1st, 2022

Welcome to Teachback Tuesday, where we play the most popular episodes from the previous season. “Backsliding Looks Like This” received thousands of downloads over the year. I wonder if it's because backsliding is such a common temptation? It could happen to any of us.

Have you been making changes in your life that are weakening your faith and causing you to question biblical living? The process of backsliding is often slow but methodical. Skip a few church services, treat Bible study as optional, overindulge on popular movies and other media and before long, your Christian life is unrecognizable. Backsliding is the act of falling from our faith back into habits and behaviors that are selfish and biblically off-base. This episode covers three telltale signs of backsliding, along with suggestions on how to avoid this counterfeit lifestyle. 

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