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Teachback Tuesday-Reducing Anxiety Through Spiritual Exercises

November 14th, 2022

Welcome to Teachback Tuesday, where we play the most popular episodes from the previous season. This week’s episode, “Reducing Anxiety Through Spiritual Exercises,” is in the top ten most downloaded episodes to date.

My battle with anxiety began during my husband’s journey through cancer. The anxiety increased to hazardous levels within hours after my Norman’s passing, landing me in the emergency room with symptoms that mimicked a heart attack. Anxiety has been well-documented to cause both emotional and physical problems. Is there any good thing that can come from this affliction?

Here's one good outcome: people who go through the stressful journey of anxiety often become caring, compassionate resources for others. 

I quietly wrestled with this beast for over a year, until the Lord heard my cries and taught me some pivotal truths from His Word. These lessons became exercises for me that I still practice today. I do realize that anxiety doesn't have quick fixes, but there are some practices that we can engage to bring our emotions back out of the danger zone. This episode covers four spiritual exercises that have proven to be helpful in reducing anxiety. 

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