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Teachback Tuesday-Signs of a Controlling Person

July 18th, 2022

Welcome to Teachback Tuesday, where we replay the most popular episodes from the previous season. "Signs of a Controlling Person" was downloaded thousands of times over the past year. Could it have anything to do with the reality that this is a common struggle? The desire to control the outcomes and people in our lives truly is a frequent temptation. It’s a flawed thread that runs throughout the fabric of our lives, making us tense and anxious. Why would anyone want to be high-strung and controlling on purpose?

I don’t think we really want to be controlling. It’s a tendency that comes with our carnal nature, and it feeds off of imaginations that we think we know what’s best.

We can trick ourselves into believing that if we manipulate situations just right, things will turn out according to our desires. The problem with this plot is that we’re out of line. People with control issues also have major trust issues, and the lack of trust starts with God and then works its way down into other relationships. 

How can we learn to let go of our controlling tendencies? Let’s just consider three signs of a controlling person, followed by suggestions on ways to abandon this draining habit.

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