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The Heavy Things We Carry

November 15th, 2021

Do you have friends who would walk on hot pavement barefooted for you? I have been blessed with friends like that, and they help lift heavy loads in my life. Today's special episode is a perfect example of this. Veteran radio host, Janice Wolfe from Faith Music Radio is our guest podcaster today, covering for me while I'm out battling illness. Janice's inspiring show, eleven2one, airs on Faith Music Radio from 11am-1pm, Monday through Friday. You will hear a sample of Janice in this episode about "The Heavy Things We Carry." (It's so easy to listen to her deep and beautiful voice. It reminds me of butter melting on toast.)

Do you realize we carry heavy things around every day? Heaviness is mentioned in both the Old and New Testament. Is there a way to lighten the load? The Bible gives us precise instructions on how to trade the weights that we carry for the much easier yoke of Christ. You'll want your journal to take notes during this encouraging episode. 

Many thanks to Dan and Janice Wolfe, my podcast trainers, for their investment in the podcast at Keep the Heart. Follow Janice on Instagram and Facebook, and visit her show by clicking the link below. 

 eleven2one radio with Janice Wolfe

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