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Three Common Reasons Why People Reject God

November 1st, 2021

You probably know someone who used to claim to be a Christian, but now they say that they either don’t believe in God, or they will not discuss anything about Christianity or spiritual matters. Something happened for them to arrive at this spot. There are common reasons why people reject God, or say that they don’t believe in God. It’s actually a popular position today but it’s also very hazardous. We can’t change our minds after the final breath.

It’s hard to watch friends and loved ones drifting away from God and the foundational principles of His Word. It is even more painful when those loved ones are close relatives, such as a spouse, a sibling, or adult children. If you are watching this happen to someone you love, you’ve probably also realized by now that you can’t make them turn around. That’s God’s territory. If we try to force change in someone else’s life, we may find ourselves being rejected as well. This shouldn’t make us angry. It should increase our compassion and resolve to pray without ceasing.

The reasons people reject God are so many that if I did an episode with three points every week for a year, we wouldn’t even come close to covering them all. We’ll consider three common reasons, with a goal of inspiring listeners to consider a more careful and thoughtful approach to those who are trapped in unbelief. It is indeed a trap.

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