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Trusting God with Trust Issues

August 23rd, 2021

When several items were stolen from my checked luggage last December, it really degraded my trust in the airlines. I couldn't prove who took the things from my bag, but this experience made me determine not to pack anything of greater value than a pair of used shoes!

It's understandable when we have trust issues as a side effect of being wronged by someone, especially when it was someone we should have been able to count as reliable. The problem with trust issues is that they tend to spill over into our walk with God, causing us to worry and become filled with anxiety and doubt. Fear and fretfulness are merely signs that our trust in God needs opportunities to grow. 

We may prefer to stay in our comfort zones, but greater growth happens in the discomfort zone, and that's where trust is learned. God is worthy of our trust, no matter what happens in this life. 

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