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We Don’t Have to Be So Broken Down

July 11th, 2022

It’s becoming so common to live broken down spiritual lives that spiritually healthy people are often seen as unusual and maybe even slightly abnormal. We keep trying to fix the surface things in our lives, failing to see the connection to what’s going on inside our hearts and minds. The more we try our self-help techniques and experiments, the less money and time we have, but we’re still living broken down lives. This doesn't make sense.

So much of what happens in our lives begins internally, not just externally. The external things will happen daily, but our responses to the dailies are coming from our spirits. Having a meltdown is merely a symptom of the need for more spiritual health. Instead of looking at that negatively, why not tilt the head and consider another angle: we all need God’s help to become spiritually healthy. We weren’t born that way, so God has to teach us how to master this fine art of biblical living.

How can we stop being so broken down? We'll consider four areas where we can cooperate with God as He trains us to increase and improve our strength.

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