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Life has issues, and the Bible has the answers. Francie Taylor teaches the relevance of Scripture to daily life through these brief Bible application studies.

When an Adult Child is Struggling

April 14th, 2021

“Mom and Dad, I need to talk to you.” This is a generic version of the statement parents may hear before an adult child shares news that feels like a bomb dropped. Sometimes you see warning signs. Other times, you’re broadsided and wondering what just happened. The grief and heartache that often follows is a normal response to loss. It’s normal but not permanent. It’s never a good idea to stay stuck in a negative thought loop about our own children. God can show us how to walk this out.

This is another Bonus Episode in our podcast lineup. Since most of the episodes will be for a general audience of women across many stages, occasionally we will do a breakout session to address a specific issue. The topic of facing hardships with adult children is one that comes up repeatedly in email requests. We hope that this capsulized episode will give you some points to ponder.

ICU--In Christ Unconditionally: Heart Conditions Bible Application Study

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